TalentZero aka Ray Rivas is a Phoenix based artist that is a native of the valley and has been doing graffiti art since 1996. Other than spray paint, Talent also uses such mediums as acrylics, oil paints, pencil, ink and also airbrushes. He often uses those techniques right along side his aerosol work to create a unique style.

After getting caught doing graffiti illegally as a youth, Talent concentrated his artistic abilities on a more positive path. He now creates artwork on canvas, does commissioned murals and provides art instruction with the Desert Reach program to youths who may otherwise find themselves down some of the same negative paths as he found himself in former years.

Talent now hopes to show the community how graffiti can be an appreciated art form. As he considers his spray paint art “realism”, he tries to stun people by what can be achieved using a spray paint can. The results often leave the viewer in disbelief at not only the final product, but the technique in which it was achieved. Inspired by tradition fine artists as well as other graffiti artists, Talent has found a way to combine the two worlds to create his own realm of beauty. Amazingly enough, other than general art studies in high school, Talent is a mostly self-taught artist.

To see his work live, he displays art and paints live every Monday at the Hidden House in Phoenix. Located at 607 W. Osborn, the Hidden House features displayed local art and live DJ’s playing from 10pm till 2am.

Much love and respect to all … TalentZero.