I pride myself on my ability to create real-to-life portraits. I’m confident in my ability to paint any image on any surface. No job is too big or too small, nothing is unachievable. Standard mediums include pencils, acrylics, oils and spray paint. Discounts are offered for repeat clients.


Commissioned Artwork Info & Pricing



Typically a portrait painting can be completed in 2-3 hours of working time. Working time may vary depending on background and detail. Actual completion time may vary.

Standard Canvas Size: 16″ by 20″

Portraits In Color:                                                 $50 per Hour
Portraits In Black & White:                                  $35 per Hour

Canvas Sizes Larger Than 24″ by 36″:            Additional Cost
More Than Three Subjects Per Painting:        Additional Cost



Please Contact Me with any questions or to request a commissioned portrait.
Thank you.

Mural Info & Pricing




Base price for a 20′ by 10′ wall is $150.
Larger wall space, price is negotiable.

Any businesses willing to donate wall space is always appreciated!!!

Please Contact Me with any questions or to request a mural. Thank you.